Government blundering making us all seem stupid

President John Mahama
President John Mahama


Dear President Mahama!

My name is Nana Ama, a citizen of Ghana and I’m writing to tell you I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of your government’s poor decisions and the unbelievably stupid things some of your wayward representatives say. Seriously, you’ve got to do something about those decisions and comments; they reflect badly on me and make me appear dim-witted, which I’m not.

In the beginning, when your people blamed dwarfs and high rise buildings for the decline of the cedi, we laughed because it was hilarious and we thought mockery would help them see their ignorance.

Sadly, your people are numb to mockery so they just keep piling it on.  Last week, we were told by Richard Quashigah, an MP from your party, that our mobile phones were to blame for the current energy crisis. I’m no expert, but even I know our mobile phones are not the problem. As if the mobile phone nonsense wasn’t enough, one of your staffers explained that implementation of the Senchi Consensus has delayed because of P. V Obeng’s death.

These were followed by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) announcement that the power companies have been told to ensure constant power supply during the World Cup period.  A feat government plans to achieve by spending 30 million dollars to buy power from Ivory Coast and reducing electricity supply to VALCO.

I should applaud your team. They have outdone themselves; I never thought this level of stupidity was possible. This was the best they could come up with in an economy with a declining currency and a huge fiscal deficit?

We certainly love our football but our lives don’t depend on watching football alone. And watching football isn’t a priority for us. Most Ghanaians want constant electricity supply to run their businesses. We want basic infrastructure like roads, efficient transportation systems, enforcement of laws and cleaner spaces to work and play in.

I don’t know what you are seeking to achieve with this astonishingly reckless decision but it is making all 24 million of us appear brainless. The international news agencies you love to speak to are having a ball with this one.

Sir, I hope you do realise this looks bad on you too?  When they mention government, they are talking about you. And this is what they are really saying, “instead of fixing the economy, the Mahama government has decided to make it worse.” Ghanaians are not the only ones puzzled by your decision, the world is wondering what happened too. Your experts are making you seem unwise in the eyes of the world. Not nice. I don’t really care about what the world thinks but I need you to stop approving these poor decisions. We are not stupid and we don’t prefer football to a stable economy. And we don’t find your spokespersons funny any longer. Tell them to shut up. Just fix the economy and don’t create more problems.


A citizen still mad as hell

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  1. interesting piece, nailed everything right at where it mattered most, but am amazed at how we can blame Senchi delay on P.V’s death. Oh my dear Ghana, have we really lost our sense of reasoning.

  2. Hope he sees,hears hear and listen this time around. The damage is too much.

  3. Yeah, this government is really childish, has no focus, and extremely naive. Of course, this is what Ghanaians and Africans are.

  4. Social media has been buzzing with anger and despair but this piece you have written has just summed it all up. Brilliant piece. You show you care about your country. And yes we are not STUPID. And we need Government to know that. You are a Masterclass Nana Ama. JAHBLESS

    1. Dr. Patrick Kobina Arthur
      JUNE 18, 2014 AT 7:31 PM
      Social media has been buzzing with anger and despair but this piece you have written has just summed it all up. Brilliant piece. You show you care about your country. And yes we are not STUPID. And we need Government to know that. You are a Masterclass Nana Ama. JAHBLESS


  5. Thank you Nana Ama.
    How I wish the President would read this.
    There is so much “stupidity” in the system as
    if we are living in a “Comedy of Error Era” Too bad!

  6. “…enforcement of laws and cleaner spaces to work and play in.” ☚— That alone can restore 50% of my patriotism. I lost everything a few months ago.

    This piece is shit of a country is almost unbearable to live in right now. Accra is a freaking health hazard.

    Great piece Ama. And two things up for NOT trying to modest and cowardly with your words. You just earned yourself a fan. Me!

  7. A vivid reflection of how bad things have become…judging from the comedical way in which the government of the day exposes its self to ridicule with such childish and baseless decisions .

    God help us

  8. Real talk…nothing seems 2b working. Things really
    have fallen apart….Aban gyengyan!!

  9. Though you may disagree and some thoughts might be ridiculous but the choice of these word are appalling, it has render the letter useless, cos trying to paint an administration through these choice of words are not the moral richness in Ghanaian society, guess you will have the same courage to do the same when your choice of government is in power, cos we even witness shortage of rice on Ghanaian market before and what explain did ASABEE gave………… We all live to see

    1. It will surprise you, but i don’t have a party. I’m just a citizen who cares. Parties don’t matter, Ghana does. Whatever i can do to push for change, i will.

      1. Nana don’t allow anyone to box you into any political party.. speak your mind.. God knows its from your heart..

      2. Ama , there was no need for you to respond to John . Clearly he has traded his common sense for politics and decided to accept mediocrity . He sounds to me more like a person with the intellect of a house plant which cannot grow beyond the confines of it’s four walls .

      3. Nyamewaa you need not respond to such comments. Always trying to equalized! Can we for once be objective? Things are not moving in Ghana and we need to tackle it head on and stop this cheap partisanship!

    2. the choice words shows how angry and bitter she is, probably you are having it easy but man think of us down there, the country is just unbearable to live in, you look at all these and you want her words to be moral laden please we begg

    3. @ John, this is just an intellectual piece on the deplorable conditions in Ghana, nothing else. It’s almost as if you are not aware that the vast majority of Ghanaians are tired of the incessant struggle for basic necessities. Obviously, politicians believe their pockets are the most basic of the necessities. Regardless of whatever party she may belong to, is there not a thing called “freedom of speech”? But that is not what irks me the most. What irks me is your decision to defend the indefensible with statements that are riddled with grammatical errors. So before you start to launch attacks on someone’s right to free speech, you might take a moment to correct your grammatical and typographical errors.

    4. Her choice of words has render the purpose of this letter useless to you Paul, but not to us; the citizens of Ghana. I really cant believe you said this Paul. You are worried about her choice of words, but not Ghana ??? wow…. not surprised because you might not be a Ghanaian, and if you are may God forgive your soul

    5. sometyms lets face fact n stop da kinda arguements u r making rice was short soo what? we r suffering ryt nw n wat r u saying? infact her words were too soft.. thank God it didnt come some one else….dis govt is a shame to da world..hopeless….nxt tym Ghanains will think twice b4 voting.

    6. what other words could have read better John? what other words? Its high time you Ghanaians called a spade a spade. Look, I am studying abroad with other governments scholarship because Getfund is NOW for family and friends. How can a country like Germany with no natural resource give scholarship to Ghanaians when we have it all-gold, oil, cocoa etc. if we cant enjoy a basic right like education, should be also suffer from a simple basic facility like electricity? I don’t blame u John because you seem to be living in their world of dwarfs, so if u don’t have any nice thing to say about this PATRIOT shut your putrid gob. Nana u forgot one thing. A whole GFA prez admit on a public TV3, of subscribing to JUJU to help them win games and gives it a nice name “ways and means”. how stupid, how can a Govt machinery work with stooges and jokers as heads? we love our country as women and would speak our mind.

    7. When persons with little cognitive abilities mount platforms, the first thing they do is to launch vague attacks. Massa John, what’s your beef with what she’s written, is it with content or context .
      Massa check yourself with your brutish and ramshackled grammar before you wreck yourself.

    8. What do you mean by moral richness of Ghanaians? Lacking courage to tell government in the face that stupid explanations given by its apparatchiks is unacceptable?

      What do you mean by when her government comes? Her government is the Government of Ghana formed by any political party. That is what you and the people who are currently ruling us don’t get hence all the stupidity galore we are experiencing as if Ghanaians are not wise at all. There is no NDC government but rather a Mahama administration via NDC party.

    9. Are you blind and deaf? Why do you ascribe partisan intents to Ama on-point venting when all she’s done is to tell it like it is, putting in words what MAJORITY of Ghanaians feel? It’s people like you who I pity: “see no evil, hear no evil, smell no evil because my party is in power.” John Mahama and his government deserve to be house-cleaned like their party founder Rawlings did in ’79/’81. Put up or shut the fuck up!

    10. Wow, the footsoldiers have indeed landed! Why do U always think everybody is political? Have U ever heard of the words rational, critical and objective? And U are always comparing with another party!! In case your memory is short, that other party was voted out in 2008! If we wanted to continue the circus, we would not have voted them out. Stop the cheap equalization!! Ghana first

    11. Are you blind and deaf? Why do you ascribe partisan intents to Ama’s on-point venting when all she’s done is to tell it like it is, putting in words what MAJORITY of Ghanaians feel? It’s people like you who I pity: “see no evil, hear no evil, smell no evil because my party is in power.” John Mahama and his government deserve to be house-cleaned like their party founder Rawlings did in ’79/’81. Put up or shut the fuck up!

    12. Seriously what is wrong with the wording, typical, you want the author to act like what she is complaining about. There was no political tone to the piece. It was solely on bad governance and irresponsible civil servants and government appointees.

    13. Asabee gave what explanation? Why not be interested in GHANA for once? Politics of equalization? OMG….will we ever learn? Go kill a ethnic group cuz the Nazis did; go steal our money cuz de previous government did!! Do people have any white matter in their skulls?
      I bet the average ghanaian has more rabid words to express his/her frustrations than this lady did here, but they are mostly like you, thinking clouded with a haze of partisan politics or seeing with such political lenses, and so cannot galvanize themselves to demand accountability from elected leaders.
      The incumbent government is OUR government and we will tell it our piece of mind in all frankness cuz its foibles and folly AFFECT our wellbeing and the future of our country. As if that even will make them sit up!!
      Come again gentleman!!!!!! SMH!!!

    14. John, i am disappointed in you. shame on you. what did you expect a love letter. i bet you are part of those who make the decisions that is running the country down. Anyway until people like you change your mentality ghana has another 100 years to even dream about a stable economy.

    15. i believe what Nana Ama said is the truth, you can decide not to agree for reasons known to you. Everything is vivid for all to see, if its hurt you because of your affiliation with the Government in power then think first as a Ghanaian and not an NDC member.

    16. Call a spade a spade, John and stop following political parties. They will make you a fool but not wise and objective citizen. If what they are doing (NPP and NDC) is foolish and stupid, what words do you think we can use instead of foolish and stupidity. Be wise my friend and detach yourself from political parties. Only access them based on performance and policies.

    17. i thought by knowing better you should also be able to write the queens language well. haba get someone to edit your comments before you post……….smh

    18. Herrrr John. So u dey?! I will give you more appalling words. A woman stood up for all Ghanaians. If you want more moral truths and ‘richness’, i will tell you now and anywhere…and please read carefully. ” I do hope you got one of the hundai I10 cars or one of the jobs-for-the-boys. If you did not, gentleman you are not a man. Shut up an dbe honest to yourself. If you are a working, married provider, you need to be divorced by your wife. But obviously, your only recurrent cost is credit for internet on your phone.” Come again gentleman. How is that for moral richness?

    19. One more thing John. My 22 colleagues and i took a vote on you. You either want to ride on Nana Ama’s piece and readers to your own funny idea of glory. Or, you want…no….you need to be recruited to replace the stooges who talk on radio without fact.

      Well, newsflash gentleman, all of my colleagues and i think you need to start school again….you obviously missed one class.

      AAAAAH! Abufusem. Aberante3 wei paaa

    20. John, are you serious!? Do you see, hear and smell what we see, hear and smell. Even Ghanaians in the diaspora are crying for our beloved country. It hurts to talk about our country. Some of us left but not all can leave. It really hurts to see and hear the decay and deception going on. John, it is about Ghana and not NDC!!!!

    21. Ei John, so can muster all the moral courage to play politics in this? Are you really blind to all the suffering going on. I think the choice of words were just on point.

    22. @John, Its the likes of you that we are here with these astonishly STUPID decisions. Look, if you are more Ghananian than those of us in support of this article, run to that Headmaster at the Seat of very Poor Decision Making School to Change from his ways. We are very tired of his approval of STUPID DECISIONS which affects my wife, kids and me daily. And DESIST FROM PUTTING THIS NICE PIECE OF AN ARTICLE INTO RESPECT FOR STUPID OLDMAN THING. WE ARE TIRED OOOOOOOOOOO

    23. John, your ilk are the cancers which have plagued this nation called Ghana since independence. You lack decent analytic minds and see everything from the partisan perspective. Did you read the piece objectively or with a jaundiced view? Ghanaians should stop this infantile “equalization” syndrome, it does not help anyone!!!

  10. Thank u Ama! Our country is dying slowly because of indicisions by our leaders. May God save us because 2016 is far to change this bogus government. <3

  11. Great Piece. I remember watching Mahama being interviewed about his book on his biography on a British Channel, a week before Atta Mills passed. At the time I was not too familiar with who our vice was excuse me to say, but listening to the interview I was somewhat relieved that he wasn’t the president of Ghana. Fast forward to our present… I now understand why.

  12. You forgot to add that Anita who proposed the dwarf-cedi theory also says if you live in a flood prone area, you should move in with relatives and friends who do not live in flood prone areas during the rainy season. brilliant piece

  13. Well written. If government can not provide basic amenities for us compulsory tax payers, can it enforce any policy to curb injustices citizens of the soil face with whites in multinational companies? My thought…….

  14. Finally someone says something about the worsening situation rather than turning it into politics like everybody else is doing. God Bless you Nana Ama, open our eyes so we see that its only in an election year that the government pays attention to our needs and may we see change in the coming months or years. Amen.

  15. Thx for the summary. I wrote on my watsapp status that “Ds govt is an unpardonable joke. How can Charging of fons cause dumsor? 🌚. How can high rise building cause d cedi to fall?” and i received attacks as playing politics because I barely express my concern abt issues in this country.
    Then i wrote that “i pity my family and *some of friends who admit that gh is messed up” and now i hv left them with a choice to define where they belong.
    Sadly not everyone admits these issues. It’s so frustrating. I wonder where we’re from?

  16. Baam Nana Ama!! you nailed it. Excellent choice of words. They’ll tag, threaten and call you names: even grease your palm but please keep on keeping on keeping on. More fingers to your keyboard. If possible create a Facebook page and link this page to it so more people can benefit from this ‘crusade’-just a suggestion. Had the opportunity to be blessed by this piece via Manasseh’s page. Thanks for being “The True Voice of the Voiceless”.

  17. First it was shocking to. hear their excuses, now it’s just maddening….. And we as a people see no wrong? Well I join millions of our great country who are voice less apparently, to encourage you to say it as it is, now and always . God bless our homeland Ghana and indeed make our nation great and strong.. hmmmmm eye Asem o…..

  18. speechless. this piece is exactly the thoughts on my mind. and to the guy who tried to bring in politics, get a life, remove those maggots from your eyes because we are all in this s h i t hole together.

  19. you see, one thing which affects the Ghanaian is the ability to reason and think critically through issues and bring out cogent responses to. This is what’s reflected in Mahama’s goofing. Consider all the major breakneck issues and you won’t fail to realise they just pulled throught the point of weakness. I guess he thinks giving 3bn Chinese loan with all the numerous concessions and the Chinese mans intelligence could suffice, whilst an entity like Newmont which operates in Ghana could pay a tax of 1.5Bn with no concessions attached. I just ask myself, What the heck is wrong with the African mind?, and I’m just wondering if we where really meant to.rule or be ruled. And don’t even forget about the Nkandla affair and how Goodluck kicked Sanusi out..

  20. i think this piece should be published and translated into the main Ghanaian languages for all to read and understand… abaaa…we are tired of all this government crap!!!!

  21. u hv rili made ma day Madam, dis is a nice piece n u hv rili nailed it straight to where itz supposed to be. May God save our motherland from dis heartless government. God bless u

  22. It’s a shame on most of us when trying to make some reasonable appeal to the government but end up being stupid themselves bcos of the kind of words they choose to do that..Anyway however u see the president n try to tarnish hus image he is still the president. What have we not seen b4 in this it load shading that has not happen b4? Or is it allowing electricity to flow at certain point in time that we have not seen b4?the bottom line is that u hate the president bcos he comes from the north n u try to tell the outside world how silly some of you can be by just opening ur social network n trying to just write anything in the name of politics. My advice to some of u is that try as much as posing to be civilised.makin mockery of the sitting president won’t take u anywhere. .much as u do this so as it will be return on you some day..try to be civilised please n when u have any grievances to address to a sitting president try n choose ur words carefully. .After all some has done worst than what is happening now and where we’re u people then n why didn’t you attack them..#mind ur language bcos we r watching you all#.

    1. Hello Mr, this has nothing to do with liking president because of tribe or not. Don’t try and sensationalize this issue. I will like to believe you are a Ghanaian and know firsthand that what she is saying is true. You say her choice of words are bad but this is exactly what happens when people get fed up and frustrated. The fact that we have had issues in the past does not mean we should sit and say nothing when it’s obvious even to a child that ill-thought decisions on the part of the president and his government are destroying the nation. Please if you want to comment, speak to the issues she has raised and stop trying to sensationalize because that’s one of the main reasons Ghana is not moving as it should. We always throw the issue under the carpet and start talking about tribes and party. We are first Ghanaians before anything else!

    2. @Lamin: Shut up, Lamin! It’s people like you who are a disgrace to our brothers and sisters from the north! “Ama hates Prez Mahama b’cus he’s from the north?” What ethnocentric crap! Do you even understand what is going on in Ghana? Are you even old enough to appreciate the politics of it? My God, how naive can you be? She expressed what all Ghanaians are feeling and thinking, based on what we are experiencing. Granted that you are one of the brainwashed brain-dead robotic foot-soldiers trained like sniffer-dogs to seek out perceptions that go against the tide of the govt. machinery and engage in mindless unintelligible insults. You sounded like a JSS drop out (NDC Legacy) spewing incoherent trash about what you know next to nothing about. Leave this platform for intelligent discourse like Ama’s. NO PARTISAN PUN INTENDED; just telling it like it is! And to Nana Ama, keep on keeping on girl!

      1. Kojo, I thought I was the only guy peeved but I know say u dey pass me…its pathetic what these guys take us for. One thing with us too is that we talk too much but no action. We have to act.

        1. Big Fellow, good to know there are still a few good guys out there. funny thing is Lamin is typical of the suffering NDC masses who see nothing wrong with the direction the country in going in because of their myopic outlook. But trust me, they will scream louder than you and I when the shit hit the fans and splatters them with the grim reality of our situation. Bless you bruv. Cheers.


    4. Another idiot decided to make this about tribalism. Lamin, I find it shocking that u do not realise that this piece has nothing to do with where the President comes from. Its about he and his incompetent leaders openly making a mockery of Ghanaian. This is about one mad as hell Ghanaian venting and perfectly stating how the majority of Ghanaians are feeling. At least those of us who are not foot soldiers nor affiliated to any particular party. Those of us who feel leadership positions should be entrusted to reasonable people who can reason and give Ghanaians reasonable explanations and not the bullshit they attempt to feed. They being gullible and stupid shouldn’t reflect on us all. This piece is as non-political as it can get. And I don’t even see how she mocked the President. Which part of her piece is not true?

    5. Lamin, I am totally disappointed in you. I almost cried when I read your comment. Wow… “We hate the president because he is from the north..?? OMG… Do you even hear yourself? It always saddens and frightens me to listen to Ghanaians like you. I won’t even begin to say the words I feel like saying to you right now. I would however say this – You have blatantly exposed your monumental ignorance with your comment. You should be thankful that unlike the “leaders” running down this country, your identity is hidden.

    6. @ Lamin it is people like you who need to be describe as saboteurs. I can assure you in any other jurisdiction you would have been long executed for this comment. Are you in anyway suggesting no one has the right to criticize governments anymore because whatever challenges we are facing have occurred in the past? Come on my brother with the kind of English you poured here I was expecting something heavy from you not this cheap, senseless political equalization. Ghanaians are suffering and the earlier the government starts doing something about it the better!

    7. Excuse me but i believe you are making inferences that are neither here nor there. This is a “CRITIQUE” piece and the strong tone being used is only commensurate with the Epic nature of the problems facing this country. We have serious problems and we need serious people to solve them and that is the genesis of this whole argument. Please do not present a parochial view of partisanship to this forum.

    8. Hey Lamin, did you say load”shading”? I sympathize with you! Ama’s piece was unintelligible to you so you could be pardoned for your ignorance. So because Mahama is a president from the north he must not be told the truth as it is? I don’t believe that that is the blind cultural practice in the north.

  23. I totally agree with you, Nana Ama. The excuses are getting too ridiculous. But please, in as much as we all would hope your piece would be read by and taken into serious consideration by the President, I feel it would be prudent to choose your words more carefully next time. Yes, we are tired but that never gives us the right to be disrespectful in our output. Besides, were I the President, I would definitely have stopped reading after I saw the word stupid in a blogger’s thought. That is very un-Ghanaian. Good delivery though.

  24. @Lamin: Shut the fuck up, Lamin! It’s people like you who are a disgrace to our brothers and sisters from the north! “Ama hates Prez Mahama b’cus he’s from the north?” My God, how naive can you be? She expressed what all Ghanaians are feeling, based on what we are experiencing. Granted that you are one of the brainwashed brain-dead robotic foot-soldiers trained like sniffer-dogs to seek out perceptions that go against the tide of the NDC PROPAGANDA machinery and engage in mindless insults You sounded like a JSS drop out (NDC Legacy) spewing incoherent trash about what you know nothing about. Leave this platform for intelligent discourse like Ama’s. NO PARTISAN PUN INTENDED; just telling it like it is! Ama, love you to bits!

  25. Welldone Nana Ama. This piece says it all. I am a Christian who respects leadership but when the leaders who are supposed to lead us by making sensible decisions that will impact positively on society fail to do so, then they lose the respect. This government has failed Ghanaians woefully. When l left Ghana on transfer to a different country 2 years ago, the dollar was going for about 1.5GHC. Today it is 3ghc. Tell me how the average Ghanaian is surviving. Prices of every thing has doubled. The annoying part is when you see your paycheck and the tax deductions, you feel like crying because we don’t even know what the taxes are used for. Look at our hospitals, roads, schools, water, electricity. This government is dominated by a bunch of title-touting nincompoops who talk like they never entered a classroom. Mr President, wake up and smell the coffee. You are running the country into the ground with your ill-thought decisions and loose mouthed officials. Nana Ama, thanks for allowing me to vent.

  26. Thank you Nana,you have nailed it.You have said it all,we need people like you to speak out for the voiceless.Excellent piece…….

  27. Standing ovation Nana. Ineptitude in all aspects of management in Ghana is saddening. We have misplaced priorities. We can afford to send supporters to Brazil while our own health institutions do not have incubators. It has to take Kwame Sefa Kayi to make it his project to provide 100 incubators.

  28. Well said Nana Ama! We are all fed up! After 57 years Ghanaians are still demonstrating out of frustration over poverty when our counterparts in Nigeria and even Asia are enjoying economic success. What a disgrace! This has nothing to do with politics. NDC/ NPP We are all pretty much in the same soup. We are all suffering. The most apalling of it all is how the dollar seems to have affected even basic agric produce like tomatos and pepper. The governement needs to sit up. Anything can happen before 2016!

  29. You’ve succinctly spoken the mind of well meaning Ghanaians. What else can we do but hope they listen and act wisely.

  30. I really feel sad listening and reading to this type of topics…I am proud to be Ghanaian but always pinch myself realizing the kind of leaders we have in Africa,,always asking myself is Africa going to be alright one day? You hear people always goes like!!!i hope he/she hears or listen this time….or we need people like you Nana Ama..but to me is about time,,I think we start praying that God should punish our leaders or we should have civil wars,because our leaders act like animals in a kingdom (only the strong survive)so why don’t we engage in war and see who survives…as at now my plans is to engage with other same minded people to form what I call attack the leader,,,,,not by words…by guns or what ever.
    Well I always become speechless and nervous when it comes to this type of topics concerning our African leader….to end my sermon I don’t think any advice or prayers will Change Africa…unless war or attack on our stupid leaders….

    1. I understand your frustration @Alhaji but there is more than one way to skin a cat. The country is already infrustructurally deprived as it is. A civil war will cause even more damage and take us 10 years back. A simple solution to this problem is a referundum for a presidential system seeing that this hybrid crap doesn’t work for us. Some ministers are also MPs hence whatever is decided at the top has already been established by the time it gets to parliament. Of course the minority will have little to no vote! For this reason, stupid policies and programmes are conveniently being implemented whether we like them or not. There is really no democracy in Ghana today. In my opinion, if the executive is completely independent from the legislature, together with a viable opposition, we would work together to help the economy grow.

  31. It is just so difficult to comprehend some of the decisions and words used by government appointees. It is like they have forgotten they occupy positions which are being paid for by the ordinary tax payer. Honestly, I really do feel stupid when I hear some of them give the most flimsiest and silliest excuses and reasons. And it baffles me that they are university graduates who have classmates and colleagues who are very intelligent. Did some of these appointees sit in the same classroom as these guys from think tanks? Ah well, nkwasiafuɔ bi nti, we are where we are. Mobile phones and high rise buildings are the cause of the dumsɔ dumsɔ. That is our food for thought. Nice piece.

  32. It is really sad how some people in this country think eg. @Lamin. Its about time we look for solutions to our problems as a country and not in terms of NPP or NDC..Nana Ama, you just wrote exactly what is on my mind..its so sad the way the government is just playing with the lives of Ghanaians.. like my lecturer said, the economy is so bad that we may have to sell the country if we dont find any slutions soon!They never think any policies through before they implement them..look at the directives they put in place with Bank of Ghana that they are now trying to salvage! smh ! Government workers havent been paid in months yet you can send supporters (NDC FOOTSOLDIERS) to Brazil at huge costs! Oh mother Ghana!Im really sick of everything going on in this countries and the lame excuses they give to support them! What kind of government is this? Mr president, people are suffering! Stop the blame game and start working. Tell your ministers to learn the art of public speaking and not just open their mouths and spew out whatever crap that comes to their mind! aarrggghh! Im so pissed off right now.#imdoneranting# . Thanks for this piece Nana Ama. This should be fowarded to the President

  33. An applaud for your democratic views. you couldn’t have nailed it anything better than this. the comments even show the level of the unacceptable conduct of this present government. I hope when we go to the polls come 2016 our sovereignty will not be for sale. lets stop playing to the tune of the politician rather let them play to our tune. and remember the problem isn’t the politician the problem is with us the people of Ghana. long live the people of Ghana and may God continue to bless our homeland.

    1. Nkwasiasɛm, those who have prob;ems do not blame it on dwarves or high rise buildings or mobile phones… In a very serious government you have such ministers resigning when they can not deliver. I wonder what kind of minds some of you people have in Ghana. You think we are stupid to blame our energy crisis on mobile phones? You are an idiot if you do believe in a dwarf driven economy

    2. Panky, I am pretty sure you are naive if not retarded. There was reason why Ghanaians voted NPP out of power, and NDC into the Flagstaff a House: we criticised the NPP administration just as we will criticise the NDC when they get it wrong, AND PREZ MAHAMA IS GETTING IT WRONG. Let Nana Ama vent. If you want to remove the speck from her eyes, see to the log in yours, else put up or shut up.

  34. Am so sad whenever I call home(Ghana),and hear that most sensitive projects have been Abandoned Because of Politics Such As The National Health Insurance, School Feeding program, the building of apartments, youth employments and equally sensitive projects.
    However it’s the same Ghanains who are suffering and during general elections, these same Ghanains will sell their minds for money, laptops and other cheap things for a period of 4years. I bet my last penny on this, if we should have a general election tomorrow, this president and his team will win” but ask Yourself Who Are The People Who Will Vote For Them;the same people who are “suffering” and the question is why????
    However at the election petition it came opening that our voter’s registry needs a comprehensive auditing, the EC on the other hand is feeling reluctant to this simple thing in order for all the political parties and people of Ghana to believe in the system, again you will find the “suffering” people supporting this criminal move by the EC. Unless we change our minds, remove our political eyeglasses, tribalism, greedy, no matter how hard and loud we scream the wrong people will continue to come to power and toy with the economy, creat, loot and share, and everyday setting up a committee to look into this and that.

  35. Aaaoo.. Nana, you made my week. Thumps up for you oooo. I love your sincerity and bravery……….Yaa Asantewaa of our day. May God grant you His protection from your enemies; May He give you the wisdom to come up with more of such pieces. perhaps someone might pay attention along the line. God help Ghana.

  36. Reminds me of Yaa Asantewaa…it takes a courageous woman to deal with crises when men stand and do nothing…keep it up dear maybe this will ignite an intellectual debate to lift our gloomy country

  37. Certainly Ghanaians are not stupid and that is why Nana Ama and the likes who seem to give credence to such news should stop for a second and think. Did Nana Ama or any of you actually hear these individuals talk about these issues the way they have been presented in print media? Here is a response from Dr. Apaak to Prof. Bokor who wrote the article on Ghanaweb titled “HOW CAN GHANA BE DEVELOPED WITH THIS MENTALITY?

    “I have always taken delight in reading your write-ups, and know fully well that you are usually fair to the facts and the context. Clearly, anyone who listened to me on the Newsfile program, would know for a fact that my comments were never in relation to the implementation of the report. The answer I gave to [Kweku] Baako was in relation to the delay in releasing the report to the public. I never said anything about implementation.

    The above notwithstanding, JOY chose to misrepresent me, and sought to create the impression that PV’s passing was the end of the all-important Senchi consensus! How could I say or suggest such a thing?

    I have registered my protest with JOY and will ask that you listen to the tape which is posted on JoyFM’s UTUBE site to hear exactly what I said. I suspect you understand why someone will try to create the impression that I said what is being attributed to me. Keep the good work going. Regards”.

    Please watch the interview that Dr. Apaak granted on joy news and be the judge of what was respresented as his views.

    Truth is rare in this country and that is why you have to be circumspect about the thinks you read.

  38. This government is the worse government we have ever had. They are taking us back into the caveman era ie the prehistoric times and their myopic supporters think we should endure it. No way!! There is a limit to what one can endure. The worse government we have ever had!!

  39. Oooh Nana Ama, God will bless for speaking the truth. But what amazed me most is that Mahama call himself a president who don’t know what to do at this crucial hour and sinking the image of our MOTHER LAND GHANA.I heard the other day that Mahama is begging Ghanaians for Money. Is it true,and if it’s true then what Mahama take us for? A fool, oooh no we are not fools and we will not let him to do that to steal our Money to bribe your Judge’s and now you are asking us for Money we don’t have. But let me tell you where you can get Money if you need some.we are several servant’s which our income don’t is less than GH500 which we are managing to coup with it, The Money you are begging us Ghanaians you and your Ministers can source out that Money.By you Mahama the President and your Ministers will not take salary for only four (4) Months we will get Money for the Country because you and your people had taken enough already. Your salary a month plus your Ministers salary times (4) can take us somewhere.

  40. More voices speaking up. So much said but I’ll encourage those of us who see clearly through the gross mismanagement of our resources by an extremely inept or carelessly callous leadership to get more involved in the actual business of running the country. Our voices will only go so far. The Johns and Lamins of Ghana just need to be educated about the real issues, that at this point in our existence as a country, our problems trump any other sense of decorum and niceties that have been a part of our moral protocol.

    If insults can start the much needed dialogue to get the attention of those in power, someone please hand me a the largest megaphone in production so I can pile on the insults. SMH

  41. Oh and for those of you who are not comfortable with Nana Ama’s use of the word “stupid”, please take heart. She only means that the government has just got bad luck when it comes to thinking straight through issues. 😉

  42. chai you nailed it ..nice piece but will these be heard?? the only way we can be heard is if the ordinary ghanaian also changes our ways of doing things.. charity begins at home ….all this ministers and advisors come from a home…why are they greedy and unpatriotic….why are they not making logical decisions for our country?? what is the root of all this problems ??? from the home?? or do we just elect the wrong people with no proper sense of reasoning/?? is moral uprightness on a decline?? great work nana ama but we the youth of this country must answer this questions and many more if we want a CHANGE… has to be corrected from the root….lets all change for a better Ghana so if we get the chance to lead this country we wont be as lost as H.E


  44. Im very sure he is unperturbed my this inspirational and thought provoking words .he said Yen tia obiaa

  45. Ama thank you for this. Sometimes you listen to some of these officals and you ask yourself did they think before opening their mouths.

  46. Nana Ama u nailed it all, the Mahama Government has totally failed us with its pack lies of promises making us all look stupid like some bunch of dummies in the country. Well we have no choice than to vote them off the coming election cos we have had enough since they don’t intend to listen to our plight and solve it . 2016 is around the corner but waiting till then isn’t going to be that easy yet we will wait by God’s grace. The government does forget that the people voted them to power and the same people can vote them off power. Without the people there is no government, so lets be wise and vote these pack of lairs.. we dey suffer oooo we dey suffer…

  47. Typical Ghanaian attitudes. …..Always blaming others for our woes! Instead of offering constructive criticisms and suggestions. There we go attacking each other including government! If there are no price control mechanism and policies, and people greedily, astronomically and arbitrarily increase the price of goods and services, who do we blame.Certainly there is a limit to what governments all over the world can do for their citizenry, considering our states scares resources.Am against this wholesale vilification of the government of the day.Lets rather profess solutions instead of the Pull him down syndrome being exhibited lately! At the end of the day its Ghanaians who will have to lift the country from the perceive Abbys we find ourselves in ”the sitting on the fence ” must stop.Ethnocentric, ,religious and Political coloration is our bane.We need to give credit where its due….Long live our country Ghana!

    1. When spokespersons for Mahama rubbish every alternative suggestions from non-NDC members, what “constructive criticisms” are you referring to? Mahama is pulling himself down. No-one is saying that Mahama wields the magic wand to immediately transform Ghana into a developed economy. His actions, in-actions and pronouncements since he assumed the mantle of leadership of this country is what is a source of concern to many a Ghanaian. He appears to have lost his bearing in his bid to stabilize the economy. Is the Senchi Accord dead with PV Obeng?
      No-one is sitting on the fence, otherwise we won’t contribute this discussion

    2. Who is to make sure prices are controlled please stop look listen before you cross else you will crush.


  49. I just think we have a few ignorant ple here who should read nana Ama’s article properly,understand the words and her motive behind it bfr commenting. Remember empty barrels make e most noise. Peace out.


  51. Nana, you’ve already had loads of kudos here, adding one more won’t mean much but, thank you. W’ani abre brutal!! 3y3!! Now this is my take on everything you said Nana-and oh! just so you know, i totally agree with you on everything you mentioned.
    Now my take Nana: i have realized that Mahama, our president- really is not our the problem. And i’m sure you will be surprised to read here that his appointees too are not the problem. Truly, they are not! Remember that these guys were chosen by us, they represent us and not only in government but in everything that makes us human and Ghanian.
    Did’nt some smart guy once said that “…every group of people deserve their leader” ? Have you ever thought very hard of that saying? If not please do. Or let me help you here; say the countries of the world decide that we swap wives, and Ghana happens to pick Obama, which mean Mahama will go and continue his term in the USA. Do you honestly think when Stan Dogbe go to wake him up in morning he will find the president alive? Trust me, Nana, presido woulda committed suicide before the crack of dawn. Why? Simple! The american media alone p3 will tear him into pieces soon as they hear that he’s gonna be their president. Just the media alone Nana- i will leave the thought to your imagination. Now flip it, Obama will start crying and be like; no way mehn, Ghana, come on people, listen, not that country, come on, the people mehn, i can’t deal with their…..then he will start listing them, starting with the lies!!! foolishness!! cowardliness!! again falsehood!!! nkotompo!! akowhis3m!! ntoro!! etc.
    We have a huge problem in this country, our politicians like any group of industry stalwarts have found a way and decided to take advantage of these problems to enrich themselves.
    Eg. try to find out how many gas stations have been opened these past four years, find out how many are owned by politicians. Go to Roman Ridge, Cantonment, North Ridge, etc. find out who owns most of the former state lands in those areas. Our oil, smh!! watch the documentary titled “big men” produced by Brad Pitt.
    Now back to my matter.
    What really is worrying us as a people for which reason our leaders are what they are?
    Chiefly amongst them is :
    1. Lies – Most Ghanians, almost 98% just cant tell the truth, even the remaining 2% kraa, dangle some carrot infront of them and lets see. You know what? on this topic, the least said the better.
    2. Our media houses – mostly less educated, unperceptive, shallow and very “bribable” . If you live in a country where a a top morning show moderator in a very prominent radio station could allow someone to use almost twenty minutes to justify and try to convince listeners that Victoria Hammah was not fairly treated -scoff! smh!! Lol.- then u know we are in trouble.
    3. Current political system – It pays!!! papa!!! Money dey inside brutal!!! smh! a real 3fn joke. Tell me one politician who is there to make a change and i will show you a real whale that can fly. Both sides of the aisle, they are there to make money. Pls check the war going on among young boys divided by the Akuffo-Addo/Alan K’s rivalry. These guys fight like the other one is from ndc. Why? bcos politics in Ghana pays!!! There’s nothing patriotic about our political dispensation, so people fight hard to be in power and once in, they chop hard.
    4. Education – Last but not the least. Ghanaians need to start taking advantage of the internet cos our school system is really borla!! I said internet cos i do not know any other way in the very near future. We need to find out about our history, who we really are, we need to learn about various form of political systems, philosophy, revolutions, social engineering, maths, etc. Ghanaians need to be able to work our mind around things.
    5. Our police system- is the police independent?? I’m just asking oh!! Cos last time i heard and read, the IGP is appointed my the president. So i ask again, is the police and independent institution?
    6. Western influence and interest. Now about that, lemme ask u this, do you remember Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie “Django Unchained” ? Hmm Nana, that is the proper representation on most African leaders including ours. They are known as “house niggers” . They are just there to serve western interest. Until we are able to figure these characters out, sieve them and throw them out, smh!! Not a lot can be done about us as a people and a country.
    So yes oh!! Nana, until we fix the above and a few other matters, mostly personal, we will have more Mahamas because that what we are, all of us.
    Damn!! I’ve written a lot. I will end here and thank you for this opportunity to lay out my two piece. May THE ALMIGHT bless us.

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