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Category: Culture

I will not remember ‘Ties That Bind’ 

They say a conceivable storyline, actors that make the audience empathize, and an interesting plot that entertains the viewer without being predictable and an ending that appeals to the viewer at an emotional or intellectual level make makes a good film.
I don’t think my friends and I came away from the film feeling any of these things.

Showbiz Honors: Another mushroom award. 

I think Nadia Buari is fine person. Probably a fine actress too. I have lost track of her considering the number of movies she makes in a year. She makes more movies in one year than Oscar winning Sandra Bullock does in ten. And some of them are horrible with bizarre plots and ridiculous dialogue. I have been told some of them are really good but even if I take time off work I doubt I will finish watching them all. That not withstanding I agree she does deserve an award or two for at least for getting up every morning to stare in so many movies.