2014: No Time for Government’s Flimsy Excuses

President John Mahama
President John Mahama


It’s January 2014, but it seems neither Vice President Amissah-Arthur nor the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah got the memo. They entered the New Year with the tired, flimsy excuse from the old: the New Patriotic Party, (NPP) ruined the economy with their election petition excuse in 2013.

On the eve of New Year, Mr. Amissah-Arthur reportedly told a Methodist congregation that the election petition made investors nervous about Ghana. You could forgive him. He was just about to “cross over” into 2014.

But in the January 4, 2014 edition of the Daily Graphic, General Mosquito also used the same excuse. According to the paper, Mr. Asiedu-Nketiah told some NDC supporters in Dormaa Ahenkro that “2013 was quite tough due to the ill-intent of the opposition, New Patriotic Party (NPP), who, out of pettiness, distracted governance with an eight-month election petition at the Supreme Court.”

The ‘we-were-distracted-by-the-election-petition’ excuse was the most popular explanation for all government failures in 2013. It was even used by the President of the Republic. According to the government, the election petition was the reason they failed to pay junior nurses for two years. It is also to blame for their failure to build the 50 Senior Secondary Schools they promised to build in their first year in office.

I get it.

2013 was a challenging year for many governments in the world.  But had the NDC government not overspent on needless goods during the election year, it wouldn’t have struggled for money.  The NPP gets on my nerves too, but we cannot blame them for the failures of the government in 2013.

They were not in charge of our taxes when the case was being heard at the Supreme Court, and they had no power over the public purse. It is for the avoidance of doubt that the framers of the constitution said the president must be sworn into office in spite of the petition.

Even if the NPP were responsible for Ghana’s economic woes in 2013, we are six days into the New Year. It’s time for the government to find a new and acceptable excuse for 2014.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2014 be the year that the NDC government gives us the real better Ghana. May we become a better and responsible people who won’t yield until we get the best.


God bless all!


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  1. We are where we are due to our stance. AndWithout a doubt we all shall remain where we are until most of us welcome trying
    things in a different way given that when we all persist running issues exactly the same way, we will absolutely stay dormant

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