Time to Shape Up the team, Sir

Dear President Mills,
I was going to write you a really nice letter about how you need to stop telling us you are in charge and focus on the work ahead. It does bother me, your relentless need to tell Ghanaians you are the president because according to Sun Tzu, that is the mark of a weak leader. But it doesn’t bother me as much as some of the decisions you have made recently.

You do know we are plugged into the rest of the world, thanks to internet and we do know what politicians and public officials everywhere do when they screw up.
They either resign or are made to resign by the men who appointed them. Remember that Japanese Foreign Minister who was caught on camera asleep at the UN, poor dude was hounded out of office. Then there was that situation where some British Members of Parliament were forced to resign when the expenses scandal broke. I hope you weren’t too busy preparing answers for senior journalists when the Head of the Swiss National Bank resigned for the sins of his wife.

I was hoping for something along those lines when the Woyome and the cocaine-baking soda stories broke. It is clear that former Attorney-General, the Inspector General of Police and some other officials living on tax failed the nation again.

I hear you are big on second chances but Sir, you are not Christ and Ghana is fifty years behind the rest of the world. We cannot to reward incompetence any longer. I don’t get it, how many times do you need the Chief of Police to disappoint you, before you kick him out. As for the folks, who paid Woyome off in full, you have absolutely no excuse for not firing them, unlike the rest of us, you understand legalese.

Sir, I don’t know what your men tell you but the state of this nation isn’t as glossy as the pictures they paint you. And we your ‘brothers and sisters’ are not happy with your work so far.

We are tired of your committees; we’d love to see people held accountable when things go wrong. Hire George Clooney to help if you must but you need to fire people all the incompetents.

Happy New Year, Sir. And feel free to write back, unlike your men, my people tell me about my letters.

Sincerely Yours,

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