Taste issues: Kareena Cakes isn’t all that yet


A cake should look beautiful and taste delicious as well

Disclaimer: This piece comes from a place of love. I love baking, and I know how difficult it is to create something close to perfect, (I have had many a disaster trying to make cakes) and I’m not the best yet.   I don’t own a bakery. I respect those who put their love of baking to good use. However, I have sharp taste buds, and I believe once I’m paying for a piece of cake or bread, it must be tasty.

Kareena cakes are popular with my friends at work, and I have learned they are not the only ones. It is the go-to cake place for many Ghanaians.  I discovered it in February. My first piece of Kareena cake was moist, light and not too sweet but the packaging was dreadful, the frosting was almost dripping, and it looked like a five-year-old had put it together.  The good thing was before the cake arrived, everyone had raved about it so much I couldn’t allow the poor presentation to put me off.

The presentation and the taste didn’t change much in 2012, and each time I had a bite, I wondered why it was the most popular cake here. I just had some yesterday, and I’ll pay for people I know not to buy Kareena cakes any longer.

Over the last year, each bite tasted the same – utterly bland, wet with atrocious frosting. It didn’t matter what kind of cake one chose, neither does the filling or the frosting. They all tasted the same- the worst cakes anyone could ever have.

We had some at work a few days ago, and I noticed it didn’t move like it used to. And one Kareena cake lover said “Karenna cakes just taste the same, these days,” I couldn’t bring myself to tell her, that it’s taken her too long to notice.

And I hope the wonderful people at Kareena TRY their current line of cakes and make some quick changes. I’d pay for that piece of cake.

And oh, can we (Ghanaians) stop putting bland foods up there with all the wonderfully cooked, baked and well-packaged ones.

It helps no one. Well, maybe the sellers who fleece us because of the five-star status handed them on a silver platter.

8 thoughts on “Taste issues: Kareena Cakes isn’t all that yet”
  1. Thanks so much for the post. I have not had a Kareena cake in almost a year because since she became popular, her prices are soaring and her tastes are flattening. I just googled her name to get her number because i have a last minute cake emergency i need to attend to and i came up with your blog. I just cant understand why we have such low standards as Ghanaians that mediocre can pass as outstanding!

  2. Interesting views. I am a part-time baker and cake decorator therefore I find your views very insightful. Am however wondering why you didn’t give feedback directly to the baker, or maybe you did try? Anyway, I will take a cue from this and strive to keep my growing customer base excited any time they eat a cake from me :).

  3. was planning to suprise a friend with a kareena cake since the “ish” thing nowadays. Thank God for the notice wld stick with my traditional bakeshop cake

  4. I thought I was the only one in Ghana who thought this. No shade though, I bake so I know how difficult it can be. But some of the things that come out of there do not lack manufactured finesse because they are ‘homemade’, it’s simply because they are simply poorly made.

    @Akwasi, Bakeshop’s icing is grainy. I loved her cake until I got fed up with the icing (I love sugar btw, so its not for health) she could also rid us of that.

    luckily there is a lot of competition now, so no one is forced to put up with bad cake. At least no elections are necessary for that.

  5. I was actually planning to order one for my birthday but your views and comments have made me hesitant. Which is quite sad.

    1. Oh, don’t be sad. It’s your birthday, you can have whatever cake you want, regardless of what we think of it. It’s only cake,lol.

  6. @ Naa Atwei. I agree with the view that you shouldn’t let the reviews discourage you. Tastes differ so give it a try and you may actually love it.

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