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Tag: Ghana

The Irritation That Is the Flagstaff House! 

It seems they have resolved to find new ways of inflicting pain on taxpayers too. Last week we discovered the Presidency employs over 600 people, some with ludicrous titles indicating they are at the job just for the pay. (Hint: Job for the boys) And just when you think they have run out of ideas, they prove why the Flagstaff House is the place where smart people go to become dumb.

Applause for Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings 

Gender Advocates blame the absence of capable women in local politics on lack of resources and the insulting nature of the politics. So when Mrs. Rawlings finally confirmed her intent to contest the upcoming elections, I was happy especially since all the other women in the contest were running mates to male candidates. I welcomed the small attempt to shatter the glass ceiling here.

Make these news conferences stop. They hurt. 

Ridiculous promises are never in short supply at these conferences. Take Minister of Employment and Social Welfare, Moses Asaga who announced an artisan and craftsmanship award scheme as a major vision for the Ministry. In his plan, the Ministry will run a competition for artisans at the Suame Magazine in Kumasi to get them to produce a car which will be called Suame 1.